Daredevil on Netflix

@DarthSmurfX, you gonna give us the season 2 review? I’m assuming you have already seen all of it by now.

Oof, time to finish the first season. I think I have 2 episodes left.

I wish my chest cold would have waited a week to strike so I could have stayed home sick today to binge it. Last year, my surgery recovery was timed perfectly.

So I’m six eps in and HOLY SHIT does Netflix know how to make comic book characters relatable. I figured they could pull it off with Punisher, considering he’s your above average pissed of Joe, but I didn’t think they had a chance with a post Garner Electra. Hot diggity dog they did it, and I can’t stop watching it. The beers help, but I like to think the the writing, character development and even the stupid ass costumes are really what are doing it for me. Keep on, keeping on, Netflix. Keep on, keeping on.

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I started on Friday and finished all 13 episodes on Saturday - I couldn’t stop watching. I’ll type more tomorrow, but I will say this: I didn’t think they could top the hallway fight from last season. I was wrong.

Christ, I just finished watching the first eight episodes in one sitting…

Only halfway through Season 2, but I’m loving it so far. Very well done!!

I guess the fact that all of you guys binge watched is a testament to how good it is. I guess I’ll have to check it out.

Maybe give it a try after GG next time? (gotgilmored?)

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Eh, it’s alright…

For @Threctory to say that… it must be a 10/10 show!

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Looks like someone might have some GG envy.

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The dude from The Mighty Ducks and the blonde aren’t as annoying as they were in season one.


Oh goddamnit, GG has been ruined for me. Guess that means I need to get new vanity plates…

THAT’S where he is from! Thank you!


Did anyone catch this during episode nine?

I did not.