Destruction Allstars

Destruction Allstars

A PlayStation 5 game from Lucid.

Expected Release

November 12, 2020


PlayStation 5


Lucid Games


Action, Driving/Racing

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Does anyone care about this game? All it does for me is miss Twisted Metal. Maybe Lucid should have gone for that IP.

While behind the wheel, you’ll want to react to the match as it unfolds around you. Driving into opponents’ vehicles will do plenty of damage, but a well timed slam will annihilate them. Master using slam attacks to wreck, dodge and boost your way through the competition.

When wrecked, you’ll have to master a whole new set of skills as you’re thrust into the action from a different perspective. On foot, our AllStars might look vulnerable, but they have the athletic and heroic skills to evade opponents, take their vehicle and cause maximum damage.

This is really the best news for this game. Doing this worked wonders for Rocket League and Fall Guys, so I think this’ll be great for this game that nobody was really all that hyped for at $70.

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This… actually looks fun.

Okay. I had the week off work last week due to having saved too much vacation time in 2020 just in case I got sick and needed to use it and that’s the end of this prologue.

So, having all this free time, I played Destruction AllStars ALL WEEK. It was great. And the game is lots of fun. In fact, I had so much fun that I gave them $5, since I got the game for free, just to buy one of the Challenge Modes. Here’s a rundown of the Pros, Cons and things I’d like to see added.

• Fun. Like Rocket League when it launched levels of fun.
• It’s like if OnRush, Wreckfest and Burnout had a love child.
• The cast of characters is diverse and the vehicle specials are varied and fun to use.
• It’s pretty.
• Every mode is fun. My favorite was Gridfall, but then it switched to Stockpile, then Carnado, then Mayhem. I couldn’t pick my favorite mode now… they are all great.
• If you love stats… they have every stat.
• Driving feels good and fast like Burnout. And crashes feel impactful. And heart-wrenching when you miss.

• Level variety. It needs more stadiums. I think there are currently 2 per mode. This gets repetitive.
• Bugs. The game has given me several “network” errors out of nowhere, but I’m sure these’ll be fixed.
• Several of the trophies are controller-shatteringly infuriating. There is one trophy per character and most of them are completely based on luck.
• Announcers get repetitive.

• Add Playstation IP as DLC. I’d love to see Sweet Tooth added.
• More studiums.
• Team Mayhem.

$20 if you miss it on PS+. That’s a pretty good deal. Also, they are adding one of my requests from above: Team Mayhem. I’ll be sure to play that.

Cool. I need something fun that doesn’t require a lot of commitment to play while I wait for Ratchet & Clank and Mass Effect.

More details…