So, anybody dressing up for Halloween? Just how many Marty McFly and Doc Brown costumes you think we’ll see this year?

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Just how many Marty McFly and Doc Brown costumes you think we’ll see this year?[/quote]

Not enough.

I’m going to a small party dressed as Michael Ian Black’s character from Wet Hot American Summer. You know how hard it is to find decent vintage style shorts? Surprisingly difficult…

I have to say I am happy for that fact.

We don’t have a party to go to yet, but if we can find one, I’m hoping my pregnant wife can pull off this one:


Dude, we have covered this in years past when your wife was pregnant with the 4th or 5th or whatever you are on now. There is only one choice for a pregnant woman!


Yeah, I know, but I don’t think I could draw krang well enough to do it justice.

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I have to say I am happy for that fact.[/quote]

The first pair I bought ended up being FAR too snug; had to settle for a pair without the white trim.

Oh well, it’s not like many people I know have watched WHAM anyway. I’ll just tell them I’m a 1980’s camp counselor.

Man, I really need to step up my Dad game. First the Star Wars kid,

and now this:

Looks fake.


You look fake.


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Anyone dress up?

We quickly whipped up a Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask this year:

For reference:

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I was lazy and wore a mask and some leather gloves. I don’t know what I was supposed to be.

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We will be trick or treating as Ghostbusters tonight.

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Are you going as the ape?



wtf is that?

Happy Spooktober everyone!

The wife said I could start decorating in a October, so I wasted no time.

Garage monster 2.0

And finally got around to carving pumpkins, can you guess which one is mine?