Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hey, if this site is going down. I’m ending it with this.

I saw a trailer for this a couple weeks ago and got kind of excited since my son is starting to get in to hot wheels. Looks like it could be fun from the footage I’ve seen?

I’m hyped, especially after watching this:

Snoopy vs. TMNT vs Marty McFly? Yes.

I know the Toys-to-life trend burnt up in a dumpster fire, but would this not be a great game for it as long as they also allowed a large selection of free digital cars as well?

Agreed. Every physical car you purchase comes with a digital code to add it into your game. Great idea.

Have you seen the Hot Wheels RC cars? I believe they make three of them now, but the only one I’ve only seen in stock around my area is the Cybertruck :unamused: Seems like they could be fun if you had the right track setup. Apparently they work best on “high wall” tracks? They even have turbo buttons like a slot car!

Watched this and pulled the trigger. I also want Portillo’s hot dogs now too. Thanks.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Critic Reviews - OpenCritic 73

Am I getting old, or is this Hot Wheels game hard as @#$!. I can only beat the AI on easy!

I’ll have to give normal a shot. I was only able to play a handful of games on Easy before I left on vacation.