"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread


EDIT: Do .gifv files not work anymore?

Can you provide an example? I think you might have posted one earlier, but it actually just lead to an html page that had the gif in it, which I actually extracted and inserted for you all ninja like.

This subject has come up on Discourse before, but I don’t believe they have built functionality for it yet:

Oh, I thought I was able to paste .gifv files like normal and they would show up automatically. I know .webm files do.

Anyway, time for some spam.

I finally was able to convince my work to buy me a new vinyl cutter. Goodbye 1985 model, hello 2015 model!

This is what they consider priority in my office building right now:

Trying to win the department holiday decoration contest. @katet’s department is looking a little weak.

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The lady that sits in the same ‘bullpen’ as I do constantly clears her throat. Literally, once a minute…all day every day. I might start vinyl cutting myself.

Just in time for Easter!

Are those supposed to be balloons dressed up to look like Christmas lights?


So festive.

Uhhh…how to see katet’s now.

I work from home the majority of the time. The last couple times I’ve gone into the office, I’ve gotten sick. Evidently the holiday decorations at my office are to plaster everything with germs.

Aw yeah boi, new reason to watch WWE.



Her look reminds me of someone…

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Loading/Background in to commemorate the day! It might be a little wonky as I haven’t really tested with it, but when has that stopped me before? If anybody would like to use a different image, just let me know.