"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

Do you have a Zaxby’s Chicken?

Suck about Cane’s. All they do is Chicken Fingers. 3 piece, 4 piece, 6 piece, or a sandwich. Each comes with toast, fries, and secret sauce which is soooooooooo goooooood.


We have a few Canes around town. They started showing up in the last year or so. Pretty tasty. Maybe they’re making their way towards WI.

Culvers? Ish. The only thing I get from there is the frozen custard. The one and only butter burger I’ve ever had was see through.

Canes and Culvers are both great. Love that Canes sauce. @MrBimble clearly went to/on a bad night, because the butter burger is the shit. Their fries leave something to be desired though.

Why user review scores are worthless

Finally, no more Christmas music…

Straight up Rodney Mullen

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I finally jumped into the world 4K TVs and got a 65inch Vizio Quantum M(2021 model) and a Xbox One X. Nobody told me that a side effect would be having your balls blown off by how great it looks. Thanks Obama

We are three months away from a new console launch and you just bought the most expensive console on the market? What am I missing?

I got it for free. Kinda. My brother is a PC gamer and has a PS4 as well. He bought the XBOX One X Sunset console and played it twice and put it in his closet. So I traded him a painting for it(which I’m currently working on. Gambit from X-Men) Besides that, I wasn’t planning on getting the Series X for a few years. I started playing in one of those crazy 10v10 FIFA leagues(where each players sticks to a certain position) and my whole team is staying Xbox One. Since EA has said there won’t be cross generational play…it just kinda worked.

I have also been busy buying new toys…


@Threctory - For any specific projects? Rewfus and I, coincidently, both have recently gone down the path of woodworking projects - cutting boards, planters, etc…

@Jango - I bought my first new TV in about 10+ years a couple months ago; Hisense H9G 4k. And then we promptly blew through our data cap streaming 4k content. It is awesome though.

Ok, this forum just got a whole lot more interesting. You are now talking about my two favorite new hobbies, woodworking and painting!

Nice hardware @Threctory! I’m also curious why such a big purchase? I could never afford that all at one time. In fact the only tool I bought new so far is my miter saw, the rest is either hand me downs or estate sales. I have a humble little wall in the garage for my “shop”, but it works for me:

And @Jango, a Gambit painting?!?! WTF, why haven’t you shared that yet? I probably knew at one time, but I didn’t remember that you paint? Share some work, dawg.

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I finally have a garage of my own and I needed to blow my 40 hours of overtime on something.

The garage needs shelving badly. The previous owners build one rack out of 2x4, but the shelf gaps off the floor and between the 1st and 2nd shelf are like 32 inches. Which is useless for storing anything other than giant boxes. So those are getting torn down and rebuilt at some point, hopefully sometime next month.

Most of the tools were bought on sale or during some special promotion over the past month or so. I scored the miter saw for $150 from Amazon during some deal of the day special.

I would also like to see this Gambit painting.

@Threctory ?

EDIT: No idea why the video isn’t working, you’ll have to click the link - sorry!

Hmm, he brings up some valid points.