Jessica Jones

Just a reminder that this drops tomorrow.

And interrupt Battlefront time?!?! How dare they!!!

I bet you can multi-task.

Jessica Jones? More like Jessica Bones…ners, amirite?

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So @DarthSmurfX, where is your review of the series?

I watched the first ep, and I can already tell I am going to hate the main villain. I put mind control up there with shape shifting, it’s just too powerful of an ability to be intriguing to me. There are too many possibilities for what can happen it’s frustrating for some stupid reason.

We have 3 episodes to go, so I can’t give a full review yet. I will say this though, it’s lighter on action than Daredevil, more psychological instead and because it is more focused on drama with a female protagonist, I actually got my wife to watch it and she’s hooked. I prefer Daredevil, but this show you can watch with a significant other.

And the mind control stuff is freaky in the hands of a villain like this. He’s done some crazy stuff. The final 3 episodes are going to be cray cray.

Ended up starting and finishing the season over the weekend; damn you Netflix…

I enjoyed it, though I think I like Daredevil better. I need to dwell on it. David Tennant is excellent.

I was wrong… we had 4 episodes left. And binged them all last night.

The final episode was easily my favorite and not just because of spoiler spoiler spoiler, but also because a familiar face made a cameo. And that ending—SO SATISFYING I really liked this series and it’s incredible what Marvel and Netflix have done thus far with this partnership. What’s even more amazing is that after the final episode finished, my wife asked me, “well, should I watch Daredevil now?” Yeah. That’s huge.

The villain… he is so hatable it’s unbelievable. The Kingpin, he did horrible things, but there were moments when you felt bad for him. Killgrave, on the other hand… unredeemable and that only added to the overall emotion of the show. You wanted to see bad things happen to him and every time the “heroes” failed, it was heart-wrenching.

It lacked in action sequences, but made up for it in character development, and even characters that start out annoying have moments where you really feel for them. And like Daredevil, people do things you do not expect.

I still prefer Daredevil, because I have liked that comic character for decades and episode 2 cannot be topped, but this show is a worthwhile addition to that universe.

51 red pills out of 57

Gravemind? Did I miss something somewhere?

Oops. Fixed that.

I’m about half way through the season and I am liking this quite a bit. I still don’t like how over powered Killgrave is, but they are doing a good job of trying to ground him in reality when they can. They are doing a pretty good job doing that with all of the characters I would say. I hear Luke Cage is getting his own series as well. Is that going to be any good?

Yes he is, as is Iron Fist.

As for quality, only time will tell, but after Daredevil and Jessica Jones I can only assume they’ll be fairly good.

Netflix seems to be doing a more than solid job, so I’m guessing Luke Cage and Iron Fist will follow that pattern.

But then again, you potentially start diluting the writing pool for those types of shows by having so many titles in the same genre, so…

If there’s a drop in writing quality it’ll probably be during The Defenders.

The shows won’t all consolidate at that point?

They can’t all run concurrently, right, because of shooting schedules and whatnot?

Netflix has put “Jessica Jones” back on the case, announcing that it has given a second season of 13 episodes to the series starring Krysten Ritter as a private detective with superhuman abilities.

The long-awaited renewal is not much of a surprise. “Jessica Jones” premiered in November to strong reviews, with Variety’s Maureen Ryan heralding it as “not just a contender for the title of best Marvel-related TV property [but] one of the year’s most distinctive new dramas.

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As the article states, not surprising, but I am happy to hear about the renewal none-the-less. I actually think I enjoyed this more than Daredevil for a variety of reasons. I thought Ritter knocked it out of the park, and the cast around her did a great job of creating a believable world.

I do think Daredevil had a stronger villain in Kingpin, even with how well David Tennant played Killgrave. As Smurf said in an earlier post, there was just nothing redeemable about his character, and I could care less what ultimately happened to him.

I’m looking forward to where season 2 will take things.

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I stayed home sick on Thursday and Friday (legit chest cold) and we finished all of Season 2. Here’s my brief review…

Season 1 was better—better villain (Killgrave = best Marvel Netflix villain, in my opinion, so it would be nearly impossible to ever top him)—but overall it was a great story. The characters were each given story arcs that really developed them and none felt frivolous. And while this season was a slow burn (my biggest gripe against Luke Cage), we were never bored (unlike Luke Cage).

As a comic book series, this was not great (my same complaint against Black Panther), but as a dramatic series it was quite good (just like Black Panther). And it fits, because Jessica Jones isn’t really a superhero. So for her series to deviate from the other Marvel shows actually fits with her character. If you go into S2 knowing that this isn’t your typical action-packed, comic book show and just enjoy it for what it is—a great tale with sci-fi elements—I think you’ll like it.

Final score: 12 leather jackets out of 13.