Marvel's Midnight Suns

X-Com meets Superheroes. I’ve never played an X-Com game before. Are they fun?

XCOM games are a blast. I may have to pick this up as I also enjoyed Gears Tactics and Wastelands 3.

“Turn-based RPG shares ‘zero’ mechanics with XCOM and won’t include permadeath.”

According to that it’s probably irrelevant to compare it to XCOM outside of both being turn-based. Firaxis games are always great though.

Guess I should have read the article before posting. I was just going off of the rumors of a Marvel XCOM game and thought this was it.

And I’m out…

If you are still interested, here’s more details:

  • Game starts with attack on the Sanctum
  • 3 team mates
  • 10-15min average battles
  • Multiple card times (basic, attack, support) that are in a deck that gets shuffled at the start of a battle
  • Players will be able to play 3 cards each round (some cards will allow you to get more cards out in a round if you kill an enemy with it)
  • Every hero has their own set of cards
  • Blade is DPS (has bleed, life leech cards), Ghost Rider is a wild card ( his attacks can dmg himself and his teammates), Captain America is dps/tank, Strange is support (power to draw a different cards and boost card effects)
  • Mission types: Protection missions, rescue targets, Capture VIP
  • Hunter has light and dark powers (light is support/heal)
  • You can change up your deck before each fight
  • There are overpowered cards called “Heroics cards” that do deal massive dmg and offer bonus effects (iron man has aoe for everyone on screen (small dmg), Strange has massive dmg to one enemy plus applying debuff) these use currency resource called “heroism”
  • You can use the environment to deal dmg
  • The Abbey is your HQ located inside a pocket dimension. Here you can talk to Tony to make new weapons for you that unlock new cards, Train with Blade to upgrade cards
  • if you have duplicate of a card you can mix them to make an upgraded version
  • Talking to characters in the hub unlocks passive abilities and combos with that character
  • Each hero has a legendary ability called “The Midnight Sun” only once you built that character’s midnight suit which require you to max your friendship with a character

So it’s basically a table top game but in video game format… I’m intrigued

Seems kind of like a combo of Slay the Spire and XCOM.