PS+: Instant Game Collection

This might be the best month of PS+ ever.

Revealed in the State of Play:
MLB: The Show 19
The Last of Us Remastered

Nioh is pretty good, Outlast 2 is pretty forgettable.

YAY! and What?!?!?


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Nice, finally get a chance to play the prequel to Death Stranding.

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Woah. I have—somehow—never played a Bioshock game. And Sims is always a fun distraction now and then. And a PSVR game?!?! What a great month for me!

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I’m most excited about the Predator free trial weekend. I’m very curious about that game.

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I know I JUST posted that I never play PS+ games, but I will play Fall Guys.

Survive a series of hilarious challenges until one victor remains in this colorful 60-person online multiplayer party game!* Test your mettle in brutal free-for-alls or co-op challenges where only the winning team advances to the next round. Bend, bounce and bash your way through hilarious physics-based obstacles, from smashing through doors, to balancing on massive see-saws, to racing up mountains riddled with traps. Add a touch of style to your Fall Guy by customizing them with everything from classy pineapple couture to flattering prehistoric fashion.

Here is the other one. Yawn.

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Don’t sleep on Fall Guys! I wish I were playing right now.


I haven’t played any Need for Speed games. Are they any good? I love Burnout games… will this scratch that itch until EA stops sitting on the IP?

The Need for Speed franchise is like SNL, if SNL never got good again after the Will Ferrell era.