Randumb Vidyas

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PSY is back.




On a related note… why do both videos feature PSY on the toilet?

Toilet humor is universal.

Metaphor for his music.

I’m sure he’ll claim it’s irony and intentional.

You’re giving the Morton Salt girl a run for her money.

For @Lassie, http://dn.ht/picklecat/


So, I recently saw a video (aka today), from a lightsaber fight that broke out in my city (Madison, WI on State Street, to be precise).

And it got me thinking… why don’t I own a lightsaber?

Oh, here’s the entire video if you care to watch it.

Anyhoo… I floated the idea for an anniversary gift past my wife and she wants to get me one. Have you ever considered purchasing a lightsaber similar to this and/or actually bought one? I don’t want one that’s plastic or crap. Has anyone done research on which is the best?

After some quick Google searches, I’ve determined that anything that says Force FX are the quality ones we are looking for. And by we, I mean me. Any tips on lightsaber buying?

I have no idea, but I’m guessing one of these guys would know:

Man, crazy to think I’m going to be one of those guys soon. Not waiting overnight or anything, but waiting in a long line to see the latest Star Wars movie. Yeah!



I’ll be watching a day or two after opening day.

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You still wait in lines? Reserved seating is the bees knees, get on it grandpa.

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I don’t plan far enough ahead to generally take advantage of that. Plus, @MrBimble wanted to go to an ancient theater that doesn’t know of the concept of reserved seating, so I blame him.

My tickets are for 1am. And I work the next day.

Go me!

[quote=“Rewfus, post:17, topic:421, full:true”]
@MrBimble wanted to go to an ancient theater that doesn’t know of the concept of reserved seating…[/quote]
Sounds positively dreadful.

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