Replaying Games

What are your thoughts about replaying games vs playing a game once, and moving on to the next?

This is something that has crossed my mind many times, especially when comparing to other media. It is common, if not celebrated, practice to re-watch a favorite movie or re-read a favorite book, but you very rarely hear about that in the video game space. I know a big part of that has to do with the time commitment a game takes opposed to most other forms of media, but I think there is much more to it than that, as this Kotaku article (see, they aren’t ALL click bait) touches on:

Video game culture has a pronounced bias toward the new. We talk about “piles of shame” and backlogs as if the new games we’ve yet to play are something to feel guilty about. If someone hasn’t played a game we love, we shame them for it. “Oh, you haven’t played that? You have to!”

This state of affairs is partly the result of gaming’s hype-addled preorder culture. It’s also because games are at the cutting edge of art and entertainment, and we never know when the next brilliant new idea will emerge. Lots of us only have so many hours in the week to spend playing games, and it’s only natural to want to use that time in the “best” way.

To be a gamer is often to be an innovation junkie, and we’ve gotten so many good fixes over the years that we’ve structured ourselves and our communities around it. So I am here to say: Nuts to that! Long live the replay! Your favorite games only get better over time.

One of my big motivations for LIfebar is to celebrate games in such a way that members would feel compelled to replay games. We haven’t really focused on that yet, but I am hoping to eventually get there.

Anyways, I just wanted to get your thoughts on replaying games, and what the value proposition is for you.

Thanks for listening.

I have ambitions to go back and re-play games, but I rarely do. I don’t know why. I was when Portal 2 was announced as a backwards compatible game on XBox One, but I have yet to put it in. I guess when I have time to game, something new usually wins out over something old.

Yeah, I am one of the worst with video game ADD, but I’m finding lately that I’ve actually been thinking a lot more about old games than new games. Not sure if that might just be a phase, budget or old age, but it is what it is. Don’t worry, Jay, I’ll still play that Tomorrow Children.

If by ‘replaying’ you mean booting up a save of an older game, forgetting where I was or what I was doing and deciding to restart from the beginning, then sure, I probably replay a lot of games.

But for serious, I find a lot of modern games don’t hold a lot of replayability. Most games that don’t have a decent enough multiplayer or challenging modes are generally thrown under the one-and-done category. For me that’s games like Bioshock: Infinite, the Uncharted series, Grand Theft Auto 4 & 5, Saint’s Row 4, and a lot of story driven indie games.

Older “retro” games are easy for me to jump back into and mash through for fun, but I honestly can’t think of a modern game (one without a good multiplayer/co-op mode) that I will play through more than once.

EDIT: Oh my god I lied. Dark Souls is one that I replayed like crazy.

For most dialogue tree games I always play through as a good guy knowing that the bad guy responses are much more fun, thinking that it will be my motivation to play through again as a bad buy. I don’t think it has ever actually worked though.

I’d appreciate games going back to the old Fallout or Planescape style of dialogue, where shit would actually matter. Most dialogue choices you make in modern RPGs rarely have any meaningful impact outside of a quip or humorous response or reaction.

With all the new-gen-console remastered titles, I have had the motivation to buy these and replay them, but so far (I think), the only set I have purchased like that is the Uncharted series.

I’ve had it in my mind that I will go back and play The Last of Us again, especially with the remaster out which includes the story DLC that I never played, and I do think I will go back and play that one again at some point.

I’m torn on getting the BioShock collection, because the original is one of my all-time favorite games, plus I never finished the sequel, but I might wait on that one.

I think the comments that others have said regarding the new hawtnesses that have come out and taken our gaming attention is largely accurate.

Plus, who needs new (or old) games when you have BATTLEFRONT!!! (new DLC launches today by the way)!


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Well, I replay a lot of games actually. One major reason is Trophies. Many games now require multiple playthroughs to get them all. So games like Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture, didn’t really need a second play through, but… it had a Platinum trophy. Then there are games that are just short, but fun. Games like Journey or Octodad, that I played again and again, even after getting all the trophies. And then there are games that are both fun and have achievements/trophies I need to get. Like Mass Effect 1. I played Mass Effect 1 all the way through a minimum of 3 times. Probably 4. But that is one of my favorite games of all time, so getting those achievements wasn’t really a chore. I usually only replay games when I’m in a gaming drought, waiting for new games to arrive. Or when I’m home sick for multiple days in a row.

I like to replay games that really grab me. I played through The Last Of Us twice. Same goes for CoD4, Red Dead Redemption, and Arkham City.

Bumping this old thread because… I’m replaying Mass Effect 2 (Legendary Edition). Not only that but I finished my 4th (or 5th) replay of ME1 and got the Platinum Trophy. ME3 is next. And I just recently bought the Arkham Collection for Playstation. I originally played Asylum and City on my X360, but for some reason, because there was a sale and the collection was dirt cheap, rebought them for PS4. And I plan to get to them eventually. After ME3, Hot Wheels, Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe the first two Tomb Raider reboot games that I finally caved and bought on sale for like $5 total. But I digress…

Other times I was insane… I played and beat Spider-man Miles Morales twice within a two week period. I played and beat Twin Mirror twice to get the Platinum and that game is not good. I didn’t realize how much I disliked it until I was into my second playthru and thought, “Wow. This dialogue, story, gameplay and plot are all bad. What am I doing?” Trophies. I’m addicted to them.

I also plan to play Life is Strange True Colors a second time at some point just to get the perfect story knowing which choices I need to make now. And guess what… I’ll replay it with the PS4 version instead so I can get all new trophies. I’m insane.

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I’m just giddy to see this post start with 5 YEARS LATER. :clap:

I continue to be impressed and jealous of the amount of time you are able to set aside for gaming.

Having no children I think is a big help. Well… no children if you don’t count me.