Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Haters gonna hate but I enjoyed it. Not to say it’s not without it’s faults(I didn’t care to much for the first 40mins or so) but in the end it’s a fun way to end it. JJ had an impossible task in that he had to end one of the most beloved sagas ever and do so without pissing people off. Just go and enjoy the movie because the final 90mins is awesome.

@Jango says to show up late, got it.

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I mean, Disney and Kathleen could have had some foresight and planned out an actual trilogy from the beginning, but here we are.

I learned my lesson with The Hobbit, so with my feelings surrounding Disney, The Last Jedi and J.J. Abrams, I’ll be sitting this one out on the sidelines with a bucket of popcorn.

Agree that a proper trilogy outline would have been nice. Still, it was a fun movie and didn’t think it was awful the way people are suggesting.

At least it’s not Cats.

Yeah, sounds pretty impossible… :neutral_face:


I saw a tweet that summed it up as “10 pounds of Star War in a 5 pound bag”. That seemed pretty accurate to me.

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I loved it. My wife loved it. The other people I saw it with both times loved it. Other people I talked to in real life loved it. So anyone on the internet who I’ve never met in person who didn’t love it probably doesn’t really exist and I’m just going to assume is a Russian bot created to divide us.


Soooo Bimble is a bot? I knew it.

I have to say though. I 100% let bad reviews and fan reactions ruin my opening night experience. I went in with a bad vibe and was looking to hate it. Saw it a second time on Saturday and a third on Sunday and I can honestly say I really really liked it. The best thing to come from this is I have unfollowed about half a dozen Star Wars fan sites on social media. Some people just want to be miserable and could ruin a wet dream.

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I didn’t look at any reviews prior to seeing it. I saw the bad ones afterwards and had to wonder if they watched the same movie as me.

I’m saying this with the upmost affection for you guys, but Disney could hand y’all a Star Wars sandwich with literal shit in it and you’d still say you loved it in the middle of picking kernels out of your teeth.

I don’t like the Resistance cartoon if that helps. At all.

Honestly forgot that was a thing.

Nope. Resistance, Rebels, and 75% of the comics can eat a fat one.

So. The TroS novel revealed that Palps was a clone who was inhabited by the spirit of actual Palps. I’m fine with this as Sith don’t become ghosts like Jedi but rather can inhabit objects post death. It would also explain the cloning incubators that were shown. So why not take 5-10mins to explain that in the movie?

Oh, one more thing. The crew and Sith Troopers that were on board the sith fleet were all offspring of the Sith Acolytes that were worshiping Palps. Again, explain.

Because they probably didn’t think about coming up with that part of the story until after they already started filming the movie.

I thought everyone got this by watching the first 10 minutes of the movie. Also, he explains that in his monologue at the end. Kind of. And why he’s hooked up to machines—that he’s an imperfect copy. Like Snoke. All deformed and misshapen.

This I did not know. They really could have explained where all these Troopers came from all of a sudden.

I forgot about his monologue. But yeah, it could have been a little clearer.