Suicide Squad

Alright, my co-worker gave me a run down a long time ago regarding the comic book canon, but now I need the Smurf Vision. WTF is going on here?

It’s a group of villains, captured by a government agency (can’t remember which one), and they are all implanted with explosive devices in their brains. So if they don’t obey, they go boom.

I really didn’t like the initial photos that leaked out of the squad, but this trailer actually made it seem better than I was expecting. Still not a fan of Jared Leto’s Joker and his grill, though.

My feelings exactly.

The trailer was great until it got to Joker. That… is neither Jack Nicholson, nor Heath Ledger. That was awful.

I still hate Jai Courtney.

I am skeptical about the Joker too, but I do think Jared Leto is a very strong actor. Hopefully he can pull it off.

I thought the trailer was encouraging in general.

The joker though… the movie looks awesome, but seriously the joker! In my opinion its so much scarier compared to the old joker… :grimacing:

I think Jared Letto could pull off a decent Joker, but man, the studio/writers/whoever is in charge over there certainly aren’t doing him any favors.

Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated movies in next year’s superhero roster. Because it focuses upon some of the meanest, most villainous characters in the DC universe, there has been some speculation that it might go for a harder rating that the more family-friendly rating of most superhero movies. But it has now been confirmed that it will still be PG-13.

Anybody surprised by this? I’m guessing no. I would say I’m slightly disappointed, but not surprised based off the media we have been seeing.

Yeah, mildly disappointed but not surprised. They wanna be gritty but not too gritty. Good films can be PG-13 so my main concern is that this actually be a good film. Fingers very much crossed.

Sorry @LASSIE, couldn’t wait for your DVR to kick in


Huh. That was actually… good? WTF just happened? I thought DC was supposed to generally make garbage? I didn’t even give a shit about Joker’s tattoos watching this.

This trailer got me a hell of a lot more excited for Suicide Squad than the trailer for BvS:DoJ did for that movie…

But seriously, has Jai Courtney finally found a role that he’s good in?


What’s you think of the first Suicide Squad trailer? More in line with the grimdark shit, but I thought it was still really good.

And now this trailer, with its complete 180? Trailer is SWEET. However the film turns out, that trailer (and marketing) are fun, funny, and colorful…unlike everything else DC has put out. The posters released for it are pretty great. Awesome that they had the cast tweet out their own characters’ art.

Has DC learned something or is this just their Guardians of the Galaxy and just letting the reins go a bit because they don’t care as much about holding it close to the vest?

The first trailer made me think DC assumes all of the cool, hip kids still shop at Hot Topic.

I don’t disagree but I thought it presented the premise well while also being intriguing. It was a bit self-serious but, I don’t know, I thought it worked.

I didn’t give any shits about the movie after watching the first trailer. To me it just looked like DC was throwing a piece of shit bathed in 90’s edginess at the wall and hoping it stuck.

The marketing took a complete 180 with this second trailer. I actually want to see this in the theater now.

They pulled in the Murky & Lurky fans with the first trailer.

They’ve pulled in the Rainbow Brite crowd with this trailer.

If you don’t like one or the other, you can take comfort in knowing that what you do like will be in the movie regardless.

This isn’t the first movie to do this but damn if its not super effective. I’m right in the middle and tumescent as hell.

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