Summer Game Fest

This is happening again in 2021, so I’ll post all gaming related events in here. And this might not be for the Summer Game Fest, but I’m listing it here anyway. Try and stop me…

Life is Strange 3 news. Cool. And maybe we’ll finally get an Avengers Roadmap.

Not sure if there has been a game that I have loved the original so much but yet had no interest in the sequel. I’m not sure if it was a time and place thing for me or what, but I was literally in tears over the first game, and think I even have the first episode of 2 for free, but no interest in booting it up.

I didn’t like 2 nearly as much. Before the Storm is excellent though. If you loved the first one, I highly recommend the prequel.

Smurf, you are a relic from a simpler time, and I appreciate that.

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