The Tomorrow Children

I have nothing new to report here… but maybe some haven’t seen these videos yet. I’m ready for this to release. Like NOW.

I still can’t believe this game is coming from the Pixel Junk studio. This is a big departure and welcome one at that, this looks like it could be really interesting

New trailer:

The Tomorrow Children is set to release in Autumn 2015, so there are only a few more months until players will be able to jump into the whimsy and madness for themselves. As we approach release, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated with more information about and visuals from the game, such as new features, tools, enemies, and places to explore. From all of us here at Q-Games, let us all march toward tomorrow, together!

I was expecting a release date at PSX, but this will suffice.

I played in the previous but didn’t read up on it, had no idea WTF anything was or WTF to do, so gave up after 5 minutes and never went back.

Naturally, I signed up for this beta.


Demo begins at about the 9 minute mark.

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Anyone else get a Beta code?

I have not yet. You gonna be playing it tonight?

They have specific windows where the servers are up. Today’s is already done, but I should be able to hit tomorrow’s window. I’ll post a GIF reaction tomorrow.

GIF review.

I was able to play Friday only since they had such odd times set up. I began almost when it started and when the server booted me I was surprised that my time was already up. Which, I guess, would be a good sign. I can’t really put this beta review into paragraph form, so enjoy my bullets.


  • Art. This game is pretty. And the art style is so unique, it just really REALLY works.
  • Fun. I had a lot to do and just jumped from job to job.
  • Community. Although you don’t always see other players (this will be in the cons), you do get a sense that everyone is working together towards a common goal. I especially felt it when the monsters attack and suddenly you see 3 to 5 others around you with shotguns blasting away.
  • The grind. I like leveling up and earning new stuff and getting shinier things. This game has all that.
  • Monsters. I love that it’s not zombies, but instead giant lizards and spiders and flying wasps and stuff. And once the big ones fall, you can mine them.


  • My biggest complaint was not seeing the other players constantly. Sometimes, you’d just feel like you were the only person around until someone did something to make them appear. I works with the premise of the game, but I think it would be better to always see everyone. This is especially the case when the train drops off its load and you go to pick something up, but fail because someone else beat you to it. So you turn around to pick up something else, but also fail because someone else is there.
  • Where will this game go? I feel like after you get to a certain point with your town/city that the novelty of working to build it up might wear off. Then the community will drop and then the game will break—because the one thing this game absolutely needs is a large community at all times. If you are standing in a town by yourself when a Godzilla attacks, the whole town will be toast. This might be unfounded, because I have no idea how many things we’ll be able to build/upgrade in the final game and how often DLC stuff will be added.
  • Community building. This is the OCD in me talking, but other players just built things wherever they felt like plopping it down. I like order, but since you have no control of what others do, I felt the perfectionist in me squirming.

Things I couldn’t gauge with the Beta, or am unsure about:

  • Story. You get the intro cinematic and tutorial, and the main leader guy calls you on the phone a lot, but I don’t know what the overall story will be… if there is one.
  • Playing with friends. I have no idea how this will work. Can you join up with a friend and constantly see the, talk to them, work with them, etc…
  • Mayor. I have no idea what this is. You get hints that players in a town can vote on a mayor, but I don’t know what the significance of this will be in the final game.
  • Workbench. It’s a unique mechanic and fun (basically, in order to build something, you have to solve a sliding puzzle). But waiting for someone to use the workbench if they have no idea what they are doing, or are taking too long to complete their item could grow tiresome. But maybe you can build more workbenches later. I just don’t know if this mechanic is going to work or not in the final game.


  • I only found one. The train got stuck at one point and wouldn’t move. It loaded up all the materials, people boarded and it just sat there. And sat. And sat. Granted, the town was in jumping distance (I started sinking and jumped twice and was on solid ground) and then someone build a handy, red sidewalk, but the materials for the town weren’t getting delivered. It eventually freed itself, but for awhile it was broken.

Final Takeaway:
I will buy this.

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Great preview! Do we know how much this is going to be when it’s released?


I’m finding it hard to get excited about this game. Am I alone? I know you played the beta before, Smurf, you looking forward to this one?

To be quite honest… not really. I think time has squashed my hype for this. I’ll probably still get it, but I’m not excited about it like I am for No Man’s Sky, The Last Guardian and Bespin DLC.

I had to google that. I am sorry that I did.

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Starting on September 6, The Tomorrow Children’s early access Founders Pack will be offered for a limited time until the official launch of the free-to-play game. The Founders Pack bundles together a great selection of paid DLC items, 1000 Freeman Dollars (in-game currency), and exclusive bonus content, giving players a big running start as they dive into the world of the Void.

The early access Founders Pack includes the following premium paid content ($19.99, includes more than $30 worth of content):

  • Bourgeoisie papers — This is your first step to becoming a resident of The Void. By earning the “rezidenty” status, player’s will have the privilege to participate in creating structures and items to build your town, access to new tools, and the ability to build your very own house within the town. Also includes five F2P invitations to send to friends.
  • Lv1 Arms License — Unlocks access to higher-tier weapons at the weapons dealer in town (purchase items with in-game currency earned by completing various labor tasks).
  • Lv1 Tools License — Unlocks access to higher tier tools at the tool dealer in town (purchase items with in-game currency earned by completing various labor tasks).
  • Eagle Corp. Jetpack — This high-end Black Market paid item will take you to new heights, allowing you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas on tops of “islands” to mine resources and find hidden items.
  • Special costume — “Miner Gear” costume to customize your in-game “projection clone” character.
  • Exclusive PSN avatar pack — This is a pack containing three exclusive PSN avatars limited to the Founders Pack.
  • 1000 Freeman Dollars — Currency that can be used at the black market to purchase a variety of high-powered weapons, tools, and more, and can also be used as bribes to government officials for quick personal benefit. (This is separate from the in-game credits collected from the town’s City Hall after completing various labor tasks, which are used at the normal vendors in town.)
  • Bourgeoisie Paper holders will also receive five invitations to send to their friends, granting them access to the F2P game client before full public release. Invited comrades can enjoy the F2P game for free, and upgrade their experience with the Founders Pack if they choose.

Coming Soon
In the coming months, Q-Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment will launch the Free-2-Play version of The Tomorrow Children. The Founders Pack will also be replaced by the Frontier Pack bundle, including DLC content and Freeman Dollar Currency (details TBA).

So… I threw caution to the wind and bought this last night.

One of the devs is quite active in the NeoGAF thread for this game and his, or her, comments and openness and answering of questions is one of the reasons I decided to throw some money their way to support them. Also, the game is neat.

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I bought the Founders Pack to basically support the game. I want more odd games like this.

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