What have you made?

@Jango’s latest mention of his Gambit painting and my recent hobby of woodworking were the motivation to start this, but you can post anything that would not exist without your own two hands.

I threw together a Spider-man illustration/painting today for one of my son’s friends who is moving and needed something to put on his wall.

Don’t be shy, let’s see what you’ve made!

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Here’s my painting of Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer. 24x36 acrylic on canvas

I’ll post Gambit when done

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That’s dope

Started laying paint for Gambit.


Yep, that didn’t disappoint. How big is that canvas? And if you don’t mind me asking, what are you using for reference?

Canvas size is 16x20. I had just asked for some pictures of Gambit since I know nothing about him. This is a zoomed in shot of one that he sent me.

Here’s another image. It’s coming together quite nicely.

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So here’s a bit of behind the curtain into my process.

I’ll take a picture of my subject matter and use a photo editor to make a mock up of what I want to do. Then print it out for reference. Then I print out a non edited photo in B&W. From there I try to grid it out and use a grid system on canvas. If I’m having a hard time with the grid I’ll try and free hand it. If I’m having a hard time with that I’ll use projector so I can get some help with a few key features(usually eye and nose placement). From there I do a line drawing and kind of make my own paint by number. A lot of time the sketch looks like dog shit but comes together once I start laying paint down.


Hrmmm, spades are red in Texas? Interesting. Solitaire must be a bitch down south.

I kid, I kid. Looks great!

I was thinking the same thing when I was doing it. But the source material had it in red. Maybe its due to his abilities? I have no idea what Gambit does so…

Gambit can charge objects with kinetic energy causing them to explode. He also has major bo staff skills. And agility +10.

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Is he being recruited by local gangs due to his Bo Staff skill?

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Looks like the spades are black, but the red glow from his kinetic energy changes the tint depending on how close to the edge it is. No idea how to handle transparency like that with acrylics, oof.

I thought that as well but the cards themselves are still white, and transparency can be a mug. Especially on canvas. Oh well. Client says it’s good so I’m good.

There is no question that it’s good, it’s awesome. I would pay good money for that, if I had good money.

Since I know some of you are holding out on me [ahem] @MrBimble [ahem]

I’ll post a couple cutting boards I made for wedding presents a few weeks ago.

The one on the left was a kit of exotic wood I bought and the one on the right is a mix of maple and oak end grain. Happy with how both of them turned out and looking to making more for gifts, and maybe eventually for myself.

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This thread is really making me wish my garage was already de-cluttered and organized…

I used to draw. This was one of the last things I drew for a friend a few years back.

EDIT: Judging by that date… this picture is 20 years old. Wow. I’m old.


That is fantastic.

One of the people I just did some work for wants 4 more pieces. Woohoo. Also have a possible 2 more commissions in the works.